Open to the community, Broncs Brew will be hosting their Grand Opening on October 11, 2022  from 9:30am-11:30am in the Lakin High School Library.  

Broncs Brew is a student-centered marketplace run by Mrs. Medill’s business and computer apps classes. 

Broncs Brew sells a variety of snacks and drinks to the students during school. As part of our community connections, we offer products from Daylight Donuts on Thursdays and burritos from Bri’s Burritos on Fridays. 

Students have access to lemonade, smoothies, or “pick-me-ups” like coffee. Since Broncs Brew is run by students, it has changed impressions of retail work for many of its workers. From the start of the year, many students in Mrs. Medill’s business class has learned how to work with money, track the inventory  and use spreadsheets. 

From this experience, students have learned how to be on time to work their shifts during school hours. Broncs Brew helps students to be more collective workers and to be more aware of what it feels like working at an actual job while learning business essentials.