Lakin USD 215’s Larry Lyder Completes Statewide Leadership Program 

Larry Lyder, Lakin USD 215 Superintendent, recently completed participation in KASB Business Operations Leadership Development (BOLD), sponsored by the Kansas Association of School Boards. Lyder was one of 20 public education leaders recognized in Topeka June 15, 2018. 

KASB BOLD provides new superintendents (within the first two years in their position) and aspiring superintendents additional knowledge and skill development around seven key areas: building and facilities master planning; technology planning; finance strategies and planning; procurement processes; school security; risk management; and human resource management. Those selected for the program participated in six two-day sessions led by KASB staff, local school leaders and KASB business partners. 

Sessions included: 

• October 2017: Session I focused on technology management and career technical education. The group visited Blue Valley USD 229’s Center for Advanced Professional Studies, the headquarters of k12itc in Kansas City and DeSoto USD 232. 

• November 2017: Session II focused on building and facilities master planning. The group visited the offices and training facilities of P1 Group, Inc. and also met with Patron Insight, Inc., a communications, public relations and marketing company specializing in working with the community and planning taxpayer elections. 

• February 2018: Session III was held in Spring Hill USD 230 and focused on planning and financing school district construction projects. 

• March 2018: Session IV focused on risk management, covering topics such as property and casualty insurance, employer paid benefit and health insurance. The group also learned more about contracting for school food services from representatives of Opaa! 

• April 2018: Session V was held at KASB in Topeka and included discussions on crisis management and how best to plan for the long-term effects of stress related to crisis events. The group spent the next day learning about human resource management. 

• June 2018: Session VI was also held at KASB in Topeka and included presentations on advocacy and successful strategies for board-superintendent partnerships. Each member of the group was also recognized during a graduation ceremony as the culminating event of the program. 

KASB, headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, serves governing boards and administrators of unified school district boards, community college boards of trustees, area vocational-technical college boards and boards of cooperatives, interlocals and regional service centers. Currently the association represents 285 school districts and 42 interlocals, cooperatives, service centers, community colleges and technical colleges.